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The Adventure of Your Life

You and your employees can participate in a day of strategy, cooperation, quick wits and humor that will provide a fun filled outdoor experience involving both mental challenge and physical exercise. In the quest of gaining possession of an opposing team's flag, you will be playing the nationally acclaimed sport of PAINTBALL.

Allow me to introduce you to America's fastest growing sport and tell you how, by participating, your employees (and ultimately, your business) will benefit. Modeled after the childhood game of the same name, "Capture the Flag" is an outdoor team sport. In each of the eleven fields and Hyperball™ on Pinnacle Woods' 114 beautiful wooded acres, two flag stations are posted at opposite ends of the playing field.

The "mission" you and your team set out on is to capture the opposing team's flag and bring it safely home to your station. However, this isn't as easy as it sounds...the other team is trying their darndest to eliminate you by marking you with paint! Everyone on each team is equipped with a paintgun that shoots paintballs. (Water Soluble, Non-Toxic, and Biodegradable). If you get hit with one and are thus marked or tagged with paint, you're "out"! (If you have their flag, tough goes back to their station!) In "Capture the Flag", your employees will be practicing the same skills they need to "survive" and "succeed" in the corporate environment. These skills include:

1. Setting a goal within a specified time frame (secure the flag and return it home within the 20 minute game time limit). Strategy. both team and individual (wise use of human resources on both offense and defense).

2. Leadership/Team Concept (willingness to take charge or follow instructions of those who are in charge).

3. Cooperation. both team and individual (support strategy and follow through).

4. Conceptual thinking (tactical ideas, supporting decisions).

5. Reward reinforcement (playing the game invokes a feeling of accomplishment, whether you win or not).

6. Interestingly, players will play the game the same way they live life; actively or passively, leading or following. After playing, each person knows him or herself a little bit better. They'll know what skills and abilities they can bring into the game in the quest of victory of goal. This knowledge will spillover into the workplace and your employees will be better able to judge their strengths and limitations as well as seek to coordinate tasks between themselves. They will also be more willing to compliment the accomplishments and abilities of their peers, since "out there on the field" every person is an important and valuable part of the whole team (as they are in the business!). "Capture the Flag" is a tremendously exhilarating game, and will definitely relieve the tension and boredom that can occur in the same old day-to-day routine. The spirit of camaraderie and friendship that builds during the day of play is invaluable to the morale of your employees as well.

We invite you to learn more about the game of "Capture the Flag"; a celebration of human camaraderie, courage and resourcefulness. It is America's fastest growing sport with over 500 locations across the nation and worldwide. Contact our Mentor office for additional information. You will be pleasantly surprised once you've taken this opportunity to enjoy the challenging game of "Capture the Flag", and your business will be much improved in the process!

Call 440-974-0077 to reserve a Private Paintball Session!

We at Pinnacle Woods are proud to have hosted executive/employee games for the following corporations and businesses:
Club Resorts International
Concord Castings
Deloitte & Touche
Delta Systems, Inc.
General Electric
IBM Corporation
Johnson Controls
Kay Homes
Lake County Sheriffs Dept.
Parker-Hannifin Corporation
Reckitt & Colman
Speedy Muffler King
Veritechnology Electronics
Wiseco Piston

..and we'd love to add your company's name to the list!

Pinnacle Woods will supply all the equipment you need and experienced judges to make the day a huge success.

How to Book A Session

* Call to reserve a date & time.

* Submit a deposit of $20.00 per person

* Submit a roster of all party guests

* Register at the field on the day of the party

* Have a great time!

See the Private Games - Price Guide for complete details.

Free Entry Thanksgiving



On November 23rd from 11 am - 5 pm you will get

FREE ENTRY & FREE BASiC GUN RENTAL with a minimum purchase of 500 paintballs.

Capture Flags will be Turkeys