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Pinnacle Woods Paintball

It all began in 1982 when Tony and Cathie played one of the first paintball games in the country in Conneaut Lake, PA. Their unbelievable experience sparked the decision to start a playing field of their own. Pinnacle Woods Paintball was founded in 1984 by Tony, Cathie and Cathie's brother Jerry.

The family owned and operated business started with a small retail store in Mentor, Ohio and 2 basic playing fields on 105 acres in Chardon, Ohio. They have now grown to include 2 medium sized retail stores and a playing field that now consist of 7 different playing fields, each having its own unique characteristics. Their main retail store is located in Mentor, Ohio. The playing field remains in Chardon, Ohio.

Pinnacle Woods has the largest playing field in Northeast Ohio and draws players from all parts of the state and country.

Cathie and Tony have seen a phenomenal amount of growth in the paintball industry over the past two decades. This has had a direct impact on Tony and Cathie's business.

Pinnacle Woods draws in diverse crowds that play for a variety of reasons. They have hosted celebrities, doctors, lawyers, teachers, school and swat teams, church and corporate groups, bachelor and birthday parties, father and son games, and individual players. These players play in the best of weather to frigid weather with knee deep snow.

Hyperball® is one of the most popular fields. It was added in 1991 and is a registered trademark of Pinnacle Woods Paintball in the United States and Canada. The exciting Hyperball® field is where the fast and furious play and hosts yearly tournaments. Pinnacle Woods not only hosts the tournaments, but they sponsor teams who have played in tournaments across the United States.

The NSGA-National Sporting Goods Association lists paintball as the 4th fastest growing sport in America. The family knows it is a full time job to keep up the demands of this growing sport. Tony says, "As paintball guns become more sophisticated and complex, and players are better informed and more demanding, we have to keep up to the minute on industry changes."

As the business grew, the family devoted their time and energy to make Pinnacle Woods the best it could be. It was not just all hard work. They love the sport and the excitement of the players. And so do their children!

Steve started playing paintball at the age of 15. His tournament play led to his advancement into professional play. Steve has competed throughout the US and internationally for the last 16 years. Steve currently runs the Mentor store and is their lead certified technician for Pinnacle Woods Paintball.

Jenny is their youngest child and she also started playing at a young age. She has played in NPPL and the new X-Ball tournaments while playing the role of team captain. Jenny also works at the main store in Mentor, Ohio as a key sales person.

Chrissy is the middle child who manages the playing field in Chardon, Ohio. She gets a real kick out of the players including her friends and husband.

It is fair to say that this family lives and breathes paintball. With business responsibilities in 3 locations, 7 days a week and 52 weeks per year, how in the world do these people ever relax?

You guessed it, they get together to play paintball!

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